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Our restoration location is 8060 Lawson Rd, Unit 12, Milton. Give us a call at (519) 766-3440 or email to make an appointment to visit.

Note: our 57 Wells St. location in Guelph is still open for non-DeLorean operations.


You can also find us online at:

About Us

Wells Auto was started in Guelph in 1999 by Ivor Sookraj, taking care of the Guelph area with pre-owned vehicles, restoration and body repair. It was purchased by Justin in 2014, where the main focus was shifted to classic restoration, and then almost solely to DeLoreans. Today, our new facility is the only of its kind in Canada, helping DeLorean owners from east to west keep the dream alive.

Customer Reviews

"Justin at Wells Auto took the time to discuss with me all the options for replacing the exhaust system on my Delorean. With his extensive knowledge and clear explanations, I was able to make decisions that were right for me and my car. Wells Auto is the only shop that I will bring my Delorean to." -Desmond Francis
"Wells Auto is quickly earning a reputation for being the DeLorean go-to shop and repair facility. Justin and his team share a wealth of DeLorean knowledge which is unsurpassed in any Canadian auto shop. Justin's vast knowledge of all things DeLorean will ensure that you get the advice and support that you need to keep your DeLorean on the road in good working order. Justin has helped me many times and his friendly approach and can-do attitude certainly put my mind at rest when I had mechanical issues that were beyond my own abilities. An honest shop putting your concerns to rest. What a concept!" -Caledon Mike
"I have nothing but good things to say about Justin and Wells Auto. My car was finished on time, and everything that I asked to be fixed was!! No one but Wells Auto will touch my Delorean." -Jeff Bennett
"Justin is one of the few Delorean members to successfully create an effective/top quality binnacle restoration process. I know this well, because I have been searching for a new binnacle for a number of years to replace the badly cracked one in my car. New ones are hard to come by, and the DMC Venders have had limited success is creating more. Some dedicated D owners in the USA and Australia have dabbled with making a limited run for sale to others -- unfortunately , the complexity and teething issues left them unwilling to try further. When Justin figured out a way, I immediately jumped on the chance to be one of his first customers! The finished binnacle is gorgeous, and looks better than new. In addition to restoring the binnacle component, Justin corrected other surprise issues in my car during the installation, and on what was supposed to be his day off . . . his day off got considerable longer as my drive home was interrupted by a seized alternator (requiring more of his skills and patience). All said, I was underway for a long drive home early the next morning. Justin, thank you for your efforts and over-the-top customer service (not to mention ad-hoc roadside assistance)!" -Sean M., ODOC Northern Division
"I bought a used car from Justin. As a senior I was dreading the looking for another car and all the time it entails. While I was with my son at Justin's garage I saw a used car in great condition. After test driving and discussion I bought it on the spot. About 2 weeks later the trunk latch broke. Without hesitation Justin came, removed the broken latch and came back with a working latch, put it in and voila it works. Now that is what I call service. If and when I have any major problem with my car. I will be using Justin's services. Thank you so much, Justin!" -J. McElroy, Oakville, ON